Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jamie and Jennica's Wedding

Jamie and I were married on May 7th in beautiful Oliver, BC and then honneymooned in gorgeous Oceanside, Oregon.


It's thursday, August 4th and jamie and I have been in Seoul for a week already. We are teaching at Herald language Institute, a Hagwon school. We will later be joined by our good friends, Lydia and Nathan at the end of this month.

Here are a few pictures of our Vista run to Osaka, Japan. Yesterday we went to Japan for one day: the famed
> one day Osaka Visa run. It
> was such an interesting day that I'm going to write
> a piece of creative non
> fiction about it. Regardless to say, we flew out of
> Seoul at 10 am and flew
> out of Osaka at 7 pm, and in between those hours had
> to find our way to
> downtown Osaka and apply for a Visa at the Korean
> consulate. The whole deal
> was a lot more interesting because we ran into about
> 10 other English
> teachers doing the same thing. Ever see the reality
> TV show "the amazing
> race"? Now I know how it feels.

This is a traditional tea house in the Anguk district. Jamie and I went here for tea after church last Sunday. Anguk is kind of an artistic, cultural and historical place in Seoul.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


April 30-Jennica graduates from Trinity Western University with her Bachelor's of General Studies (in Education)

I am so ready to graduate, the last 6 years of post-secondary education has worn my brain out and I need a HUGE break. In the last 6 years, i have been to 6 different post-secondary schools. First of all, there was Capernwray on Thetis Island (1998-1999). Next, Canadian Bible College and University of Regina in Regina, Sk from 1999-2001. Then I moved to Victoria, BC and took classes at Camosun College (2001-2002). Finally I moved to Abbotsford, BC with my two sisters and attended Trinity Western University (and I took some of my pre-reqs at UCFV).