Friday, August 25, 2006

What's going on in Burns lake?

Not too much, thanks for asking. We've been just relaxing and spending lot's of time with family and friends here. I made my first jam, my first gravy and my first pie...EVER.

There are 12 members of the "official" Graham family here this week: me, Jamie, Sarah, Zoe(the baby), Ian, Dave, Will, Ellen, Nate(cousin), Matt (cousin), ma Graham and pa Graham and with Kyla(Dave's girfriend), that makes 13 of us......That's a lot of food.....That's a lot of dishing.....that's a lot of toilet paper........

One night we got a little crazy and decided to introduce little Zoe to one of the finer things in life. Don't worry, the bottle was empty.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A few new faces..........

Along with seeing the Graham family for the first time in a year, we had ANOTHER milestone: seeing our new neice for the first time.

Zoe and uncle Jamie, enjoying some time together.

Zoe and auntie Jennica.


Jamie and I at Hill estate winery, enjoying lunch with a great view.

Jamie and I eating our one year and 3 month old wedding cake--still tasted great!!

Keegan's b-friend aaron, freeboarding inPenticton on pineview.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BC Long weekend

We love BC!!!!!!!! This past weekend it was a full house at my parents pad in Penticton. We had several scrumpcious, home-cooked meals, went to the beach, went to our hometown (Oliver), visted some old friends, saw Doug (the Korean owner of Eastside grocery and our friend) and we showed him pictures of his and our old neighborhood in Seoul and we gave him some soju (Korean alcohol).

Aren't they cute? These our Sherry and Chad's boys and we enjoyed catching up with them. The boys even joined us on our quad adventures. S and C have 160 acres of land and we explored not wven half of it on the quads.

What would a long weekend be without the beach?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to Canada

It was raining when we left Nowan (actually pouring rain). The rain was symbolis of our tears.

Then we were meet at the airport by these crazy people.

And then we got some much needed vitamin D.

WE LOVE CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night in Seoul

Esther and Christine teacher, "in their element" at the singing room.

Adrian stealing the show. later Sebasion schooled us with his sweet, melodies......

"Gum-bay!!!!"---our last soju in Seoul.


Wait. Hold the phone........Jamie and Jennica are leaving Korea??!!!

Yes Nathan it's hard to handle, but life will go on without the Grahams. July 26th was our last day in Seoul, full of tearful goodbyes and some wicked class parties

Some of Jamie's cute students:

Some of Jennica's favorites: