Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things we did lately...

Went to a sweet motorbike show, and saw some amazing stunt riders (see video)

We babysat our cute niece at the riverrock casino while her mother was bellydancing and her father was gambling at poker

Jamie had a birthday

For Valentines we ended up going to the Korean grocery store in Langley (H-mart) and later making Galbi.

I (Jamie) aquired the most wicked RC monster truck you've ever seen, and painted the 1970's Ford truck body white to match the 1979 crew cab F250 that our family used to cruise in. I have very fond memories of that truck.

Best of all, we welcomed Brian and Marrianne (probably slaughtered the spelling there) to Abbotsford. Brian is one of my best friends and I'm extremely glad they're living close by now, so we can hang out and get to know Marrianne (again, lousy spelling, sorry Marrianne).