Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Christmas package has arrived......

Package from mom and dad Suttie arrived at 18:00 at Herald Language Institute. We considered ripping open the beast there, but we knew that some of the contents inside might offend some people.......So here i am at home, happy to see what's inside.

Reeces, pants that fit, candy dinosaurs and sweetish berries, pictures and letters from home. Oh, Christmas is so special.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Only 18 days until the promised land.....

We're currently anxiously waiting for Christmas eve to come soon. We arrive in Bankok on Saturday afternoon, decmeber 24th. We're spending the night in Trat at a sea resort. Trat is a coastal city, in relatively close proximity to the Vietnam border. The next day we'll hop on a boat and spend a few days on Koh Chang, then maybe Koh Kut island. On December 20th we're heading to Chiang Mai to visit the orphange I volunteered at 2 years ago.

Here are some pictures of Koh Chang island:

One day in the snow (how I miss you Charlie Brown...)

I was reminicing the other day about Christmas and how much I loved my Charlie Brown CD, but then I remembered that the theives in Victoria stole this CD along with my entire CD collection this past summer. Sad. Thaznk goodness for Limewire and free downloads though.

As you can see, snow took over our streets and our country. Some snow turned to ice and some just melted. Seriously though, it's really cold in Seoul, yesterday it was -8. As soon as we hit the streets for our morning walk we promptly entered the corner store to buy some hot chocolate and coffee.

The Christmas tree in front of our mega-department store-Lotte. It's very festive and we love to spend time looking at it and thinking about Christmas.

Jamie spent the latter part of the afternoon watching Harry Potter with one of our students. Later that night we saw Just Like Heaven. It was such a great movie-I loved how it was a nice, clean, pure movie. I cryed when i watched the movie and jamie laughed (because Nypolian Dynamite was in the movie too).