Monday, May 29, 2006


On Sunday we hopped on a bus a headed for Bundang, area outside of Seoul we haven't yet explored. A bunch of Trinity alums we know were hosting a BBQ and we joined up with them and their roof top shanagins.

It's amazing just how many TWU alums come through Seoul and Korea in general.


Danny and Katherine.

Kim and Scott.

No shoes in Korea.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Time for reflection

I'm so surprized how quickly time has passed the last 10 months. Somtimes it feels like just yesterday when we walked off the plane and into the yellow sands of Korea. I know we joke about the pollution so often lately, but it really is beautiful here. I love Seoul, it's one of the best cities around.

I was talking to some of my middle school students about me leaving Korea in 2 months and the fact that i miss home a lot and my students got really upset. They told me that I am NOT allowed to leave. And here I thought they didn't even like me.

The relationships that we have built this year are precious and I can't help but feel sad when i think of leaving Korea soon, but at the same time I'm excided to leave and to be with family and friends back home.

It's OFFICIAL---we have our plane tickets in hand, for july 27th. Hope to catch everyone at some point during the summer--the BEST time of year!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Yellow Sands are killing us...

Every April in Korea a really wonderful phenomenon happens. Clouds of fantastic yellow sand float over the sea from the Gobi desert in China and settle all over everything in Korea.

Yes, this fantastic yellow sand is harmful to your health, and yes, on a bad day you can see it in the air and taste it in your mouth.

The US military puts out this graph which charts the yellow sand levels. Anything above 500 is "don't go outdoors if you value your life" time. Of course we found this out after Adrian and I spent an above 500 day outside tinkering on an abandoned scooter.

Isn't she cute?

Here is a picture of my wonderful sister Sarah and my beautiful little niece Zoe. I was telling Lydia and Nathan about Sarah, how she had almost a 4.0 GPA in university, how she is an amazing and well paid florist, and how she is just a fantastic person with a warm heart and cool style. Also, her husband John is a total hottie.

Zoe says "help me please... she's a psycho... just look at her eyes..."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Teacher's Day

May 15 is Teacher's Day in South Korea. Personally I wasn't expecting to get any prensents from the kiddies since we're not "real" teachers (as one of one students told me--not those words exacly). But it was nice to feel appreciated and to get a whole lot of BLING.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

As I was going through old pictures I found this one of me and my mom the morning of the wedding. My mom insisted on starting the day with a prayer and she was so calm throughout the chaos (at least that's what I remember). Thanks mom for always being there for me and for showing me that life isn't life without God as your strong tower of refuge.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

One year and counting.....

Welcome to Busan, NOT Pusan.

Jamie and I boarded the KTX train (Seoul to Busan) at 9 am. It was a smooth ride that eventually led us to the promise land (Haeundae beach).

A boat cruise

We were told that a boat cruise is one of the best ways to see many on the islands and rock formations around th coast of Busan. We boarded the boat and fell in love with the rocky waves (and therefore, VERY ROCKY boat). The babies around us didn't feel the same way(sissys).

Our room

We stayed at the Golden Beach Hotel, one minute from the beach. We were so impressed with our room and the facilities. Can you believe we had internet in our room and we didn't have to pay for it?!!

Rainy Day

Unfortunately, Saturday was not as promising as Friday (even though I checked the weather report and it said it was suppose to be sunny with clouds). I guess the weatherman MEANT to say that there was to be POURING rain and gusting ALL day Saturday. But we made the best of a bad situation. First we walked to the brand new (2006)APEC building. Then we went for swim at the Grand Hotel. What a treat that was, especially since this was the very first swimming pool we have found in Korea all year.

Luckily, Haeundae is b=not only surrounded by ocean, but also a sea of great Western restaurants: Bennigens, TGI Fridays, outback Steakhouse AND Starbucks. We camped out at Starbucks for some light reading and some wave watching (from our window, of course).


What interesting clothes you find in Korea.

Jamie enjoyed the Busan International Motor Show (good way to spend a rainy day). if you ask him about it, he could talk your ear off about cam shafts and what-the-do-wha-hickies and the latest car fashions.

Sunny Day

Sunday (our one year wedding anniversary) was a delightfully sunny day, with a few clouds (even though the weatherman said it was suppose to rain--maybe he was off by one day).

We were so inspired by the weather that we decided to get our lunch to go and eat it on the beach.

We went to another beach close by and found this AMAZING pagotta right on the water. We got this man to take our picture but he could quite figure out WHERE the button was on the camera AND his hat got carried by the wind and he had to find it.

We found this little guy on the beach and we decided that he needed to learn how to surf. So we tied him to his board and let the little guy experience what it's like to be a REAL surfer.

Jamie made this, isn't it sweet?

Here's some classic beach volleyball.

Then we made our way back to Seoul and the honneymoon was officially OVER. Well, not officially till tommorow...