Monday, May 29, 2006


On Sunday we hopped on a bus a headed for Bundang, area outside of Seoul we haven't yet explored. A bunch of Trinity alums we know were hosting a BBQ and we joined up with them and their roof top shanagins.

It's amazing just how many TWU alums come through Seoul and Korea in general.


Danny and Katherine.

Kim and Scott.

No shoes in Korea.


robtegelberg said...

oh how i miss the roof top bbq phenomina. I also miss nights of chillin smoking stogies and drinking wine or cheep korean beer. did i mention you can buy hite in canada.
cant wait till you guys get home. ps im in india now. ill be back in canada june 6th sorry i couldnt get a layover in seoul. a one way from india to seoul was almost a thousand dollars.
miss yah

Jamie and Jennica said...

Hey Robot!!!Miss you too buddy-we just got back tonight from Kyoto, Japan. Looking forward to seeing your pics and let's all hang out at the end of July when we get back--take us to your mysterious clay cliffs!!!