Sunday, June 11, 2006

Geisha sightings

So i'm one of those crazed geisha fans, ever since I read the novel, memoires of a geisha. I thought we would be lucky if we even saw one real geisha. Luckily we were on our bikes on the most popular night for Geisha to be out (a sunday night). So we did some geisha stalking and we saw a few of them!!!!

We were also priviledged to see a special show in Gion which showcased special geisha dances, musical performances and a tea ceremony.

We saw geisha on the street too!!! We weren't sure if they were special tourist geisha, either way they are sooooooo gorgeous.

I think this might be an apprentice geisha--she looks to be about 12 years old, studying the life of a geisha.


Anonymous said...

Jennica!!!! it's emily!
these pictures are amazing. i can't believe you saw geisha! that is so cool. i'm so jealous.... did you feed them sweet ice? i'd love to visit Japan. i'm so glad you got that time off. you guys are so adorable! see you soon.

Julia said...

Hey, I`m jelous! You saw way more in kyoto than we ever did! I`m glad you had such a fun time.