Sunday, June 11, 2006

New friends

One night, after watching the geisha show, Jamie and I decided to go for a late night meal at a local grill bar in Gion. Who knew that would end up meeting the owner, a Japanese man who lived through WWII? he also spoke very good English and he kept us entertained for hours with his war time stories and his zeal for life. he also insisted on bringing us course after course of delicous grilled chicken, hamburger, homemade french fries and soup made from scatch (and he agreed that we only had to pay 4, 000 yen, drinks on the house).

In Nara, we soon discovered that the grounds of the temple were covered with Japanese school children, most of them with their school assignment being--go talk to foreigners and practice your English. These girls were absolutly adorable and we had lot's of fun chatting with them.

Here's a couple we met at our hostel. he's from Germany and she's from Japan and they met one another in New Zealand, both studying English. We ran into them at the Starbucks en route to the train.

At our hostel we learned how to make sushi from one of the hostel guests. He was so kind and patient and taught every one of us and let us eat our products.

Some girls we met at the hostel, one living in Hong Kong and the other in Japan. We had some good chats into the night.

And the infamous hostel staff--the BEST hostel in kyoto-K's House.

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