Sunday, June 18, 2006

Birthday pics

The big day started with Jamie's world famous crepes with all the toppings and, of course, lot's of chocolate. Jamie also decorated the house with balloons and signs.

We went to Ilsan Lake and we had a blast riding bikes, eating our picnic lunch and our very exciting soccer game (girls vs guys). Just to point out, the girls DID win and half of us were in our bare feet.

Here's me with Betty and June, on our bike ride.

We went to our friend Flora's house on Saturday for a dinner party.

Later, we went to Bennigens for their world famoud Death by Chocolate and smoothies. Here I am with our favorite waiter, Boya.

Jamie took me shopping at Haengdae market. Do you like my new shirt and sunglasses? We also had a nice lunch at this cute cafe at Honguk University.

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Ashley said...

Cute birthday pics :) I'm teaching at Abby Middle Christian. I'm the only twu person there next year, but at Abby Elem. Christian Michelle Driegen, Kari Pauls, and Jenn Beuglink will be teaching there. It's kind of fun that they're right down the road! I just saw Laura Howie and Cari ten Haaf at the place I subbed at today. You're coming home so soon! I'm excited to see you!