Saturday, June 24, 2006

2:0 Switzerland vs Korea

11:00 pm, got our game faces on. Tatoos, red shirts, flags, and cheers. And we were off to fight the crowd of 800, 000 peole doing the same thing as us in downtown Seoul (City Hall). We missed you Kevin!!!! Wish you were here!!! This post is for you.

I thought half time might be a good time to go to the bathroom. I think that hundreds of other soccer fans were thinking the same thing.

There were Roman candles and fireworks going off constantly during the game. The pre-game show included break-dancing, K-pop boy bands and random musical guests.

Hopes were hight for the Korean team to do well. Unfortunately they were off to a bad start with the first goal by Switzerland. Adter my very long bathroom break, the score was 2:0 for Switzerland and only 15 minutes of game time.

Then morning hit and we needed Starbucks real bad.

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Anonymous said...

Hello~I'm Jenny!!^^
Do you remember? We watched the soccer game together at City hall last Saturday!! I really had a great time with you~ I heard you have a blog,, so I invited your blog. I like pictures~ Can I take it? ^^* I want to keep touch with you~ Have a nice day~and See Ya~!!