Sunday, June 11, 2006

Breathtaking views

We went to Osaka for one night and took in some of the city life. Actually, ironically, the one day we were in Japan last August (getting our E-2 Vistas), we realized we were in the exact same downtown neighborhood, called Namba. Originally we came to Osaka to see a Ben Harper concert, but we arrived to late a t night to get there in time.

A path outside of one of the Shino shrines. We went on a walking tour for 5 hours and took in several Shino shrines and Buddist temples. Apparently, most people get married in Shinto shrines, preformed by Shino preists. Before this trip we had no idea how religous people in Japan really were.

On our walking tour. That's out tour guides' name on the lantern at one of the shrines we visited.

Kyoto Station on its own is quite an architectural wonder made of steel. We spend some time gazing at the high views and the floating garden on the rooftop.

Here we are in Nara, overlooking the quaint village and green hills.

The philosophers path was one of our favorite spots in Kyoto. The trail follows a beautiful canal an it's lined with boutiques and coffee shops. This path was a favorite morning stroll of 20th century philosopher Nishida Kitaro.

The giant wooden Buddah we heard soooooo much about in Japan. This place is called Toddai-Ji (temple). it's actually a world heritage site.

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