Sunday, May 28, 2006

Time for reflection

I'm so surprized how quickly time has passed the last 10 months. Somtimes it feels like just yesterday when we walked off the plane and into the yellow sands of Korea. I know we joke about the pollution so often lately, but it really is beautiful here. I love Seoul, it's one of the best cities around.

I was talking to some of my middle school students about me leaving Korea in 2 months and the fact that i miss home a lot and my students got really upset. They told me that I am NOT allowed to leave. And here I thought they didn't even like me.

The relationships that we have built this year are precious and I can't help but feel sad when i think of leaving Korea soon, but at the same time I'm excided to leave and to be with family and friends back home.

It's OFFICIAL---we have our plane tickets in hand, for july 27th. Hope to catch everyone at some point during the summer--the BEST time of year!!!

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