Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Yellow Sands are killing us...

Every April in Korea a really wonderful phenomenon happens. Clouds of fantastic yellow sand float over the sea from the Gobi desert in China and settle all over everything in Korea.

Yes, this fantastic yellow sand is harmful to your health, and yes, on a bad day you can see it in the air and taste it in your mouth.

The US military puts out this graph which charts the yellow sand levels. Anything above 500 is "don't go outdoors if you value your life" time. Of course we found this out after Adrian and I spent an above 500 day outside tinkering on an abandoned scooter.


Peter said...

That scooter was probably abandoned because the yellow sand got to it, and its owner.

Owen & Bonnie said...


SO GOOD to hear from you! That is so cool that you found our blog - isn't blogging fun?! I love how you can connect to different people's blogs and then find people that you know!

How is teaching in Korea? Are you enjoying it? I can't believe that you guys have almost been there for one year. Crazy how time flies. How is married life?

Yes, I am still at ESLI teaching full-time. Its going well. I'm gaining tons of experience and learning and developing as a teacher. It has definitely been stressful at times, but God has been good. I'm teaching full-time throughout the summer. Our summer semester finishes Aug. 10 and then I get 3 weeks off before starting the fall semester. It's hard to believe that I have almost been teaching here for one year already.
Emily works at ESLI now too! Its so fun to work together.

I hope all is well with you. Come by ESLI and visit when you get back from Korea. I'm going to add your blog to my links so I can check up on you guys regularly.

Take care.


C J said...

Oh my word, Jennica it's Courtney Krause (from daycamp). I can't believe I fell upon your blog. But to be honest, I am kinda a blogger snooper because I love to bop around from blog to blog. Bonnie is a friend of mine's sister and therefore I check hers out (I don't think that she knows that :) and then I came upon yours through hers. I am so thrilled to hear about how you have been. I agree with Bonnie, I can't believe that you have been married a year. That's nuts! But then again it's been over 2 1/2 for me so that's shocking as well. I am taking my pdp at sfu right now and will be certified in november.
When are you coming home?
Jon and I did 4 months of missionary work in Kenya and have done some other backpacking as well.
Well, you are welcome to check out our blogs is all about our trip to kenya and then is our everyday one.
So great to hear from you (via your blog) say hello to Jamie for me and pass on my blessings for you both.
Take care and enjoy yourselves.