Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BC Long weekend

We love BC!!!!!!!! This past weekend it was a full house at my parents pad in Penticton. We had several scrumpcious, home-cooked meals, went to the beach, went to our hometown (Oliver), visted some old friends, saw Doug (the Korean owner of Eastside grocery and our friend) and we showed him pictures of his and our old neighborhood in Seoul and we gave him some soju (Korean alcohol).

Aren't they cute? These our Sherry and Chad's boys and we enjoyed catching up with them. The boys even joined us on our quad adventures. S and C have 160 acres of land and we explored not wven half of it on the quads.

What would a long weekend be without the beach?


Anonymous said...

You two are very cute!! Glad you are having fun! (deannapolan@hotmail.com)

hil n' adge said...

Glad to see you dudes are soakin' up the Okanagan sun! But, um, is it proper for Jamie to have is shirt off on the...interweb? I mean, people might get the wrong 'idea' about your blog. I mean, I like it, it's just, maybe some might REALLY like it, and well, that's just awkward.

Nathan+Lydia said...

Or maybe some might REALLY not like it. Haven't you heard of Internet etiquette?

Hop Hop little rabbit~ said...

It's me Theresa~~~ How are u?
We are all fine. the rainny season has gone in Korea and it's coming really hot hot weather... how is there?
I miss you *^^* even I didn't welcome with smile you when u stayed at work, but I wanted to be real good friends. coz' I have a lot of experiences about making friends and just parting with my foreign friedns. So usually I don't set my affection on someone even korean and nathan, lydia too. That's very strange personality.
My husband is getting summer vacation but he is so busy to go on a vacation with me even he is at home. I envy you everything.
Happy life all~
Take care..
P.S : I gonna make my own blogger.
when i make it, send the address.
see ya~