Friday, August 25, 2006

What's going on in Burns lake?

Not too much, thanks for asking. We've been just relaxing and spending lot's of time with family and friends here. I made my first jam, my first gravy and my first pie...EVER.

There are 12 members of the "official" Graham family here this week: me, Jamie, Sarah, Zoe(the baby), Ian, Dave, Will, Ellen, Nate(cousin), Matt (cousin), ma Graham and pa Graham and with Kyla(Dave's girfriend), that makes 13 of us......That's a lot of food.....That's a lot of dishing.....that's a lot of toilet paper........

One night we got a little crazy and decided to introduce little Zoe to one of the finer things in life. Don't worry, the bottle was empty.


hil n' adge said...

It looks as the Zoe REALLY likes beer. Or at least the bottle. There's a whole lotta lovin' going on there.

Owen & Bonnie said...

Hey Jennica,

Looks like you are having a fun and exciting summer. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!