Sunday, December 10, 2006

"We like to party"

As soon as December hit us (or when the snow began to fall) we entered into this magical winterland full of christmas parties, snowball fights, hot chocolate and yummy Christmas treats.

I made this Christmas wreath myself!!!!

Here are a few snapshots from my PDP Christmas/Bridal shower party. Since two of the girls in my program are getting married in December, we decided to surprize them with presents and cheesy shower party games.

This was a game we played where each team had to decorate an "elected" bride with a wedding dress made out of toilet paper. Notice that 2 of the "elected" brides were the 2 guys in our program.....hehehehehehee

Next party was a house party attended by mostly people from our church. It was definately NOT boring. There was a lot of crazy middle aged people dancing up a storm to eighties music (and I definately joined in with them).

There wasn't any official dancing at Alex's party, but we showed off a few of our moves at the end for the party finale. There was random Christmas songs, Christmas stories and plenty of good food. (**don't let the jacket fool you-this party was on an entirely different night as the other house party)