Saturday, September 19, 2009

Diary of a preggo woman

It's so fun telling people our wonderful news. Finally I don't have to keep this a secret anymore. At some points I wanted to tell strangers just so I could tell SOMEONE, I told my dentist, my neighbor..who are THEY going to tell anyways? We did tell our parents and siblings earlier too.

I even told my grade 3 class the news and this is what they had to say:
-Mrs. Graham, aren't you too OLD to have a baby?
-Mrs. Graham, can you bring your baby with you to school? (to which they ALL thought that after I have my baby, I'm going to bring my baby with me to class to continue to teach them. I had to tell them that I won't be coming back..that I need to be with my baby for awhile.)

Everyday I feel little hands touching my belly, commenting on how much the baby must be growing. There's just so much.....LOVE. It's such a good place to be in right now, surrounded by people who support me and the baby to be.

And my emotions. What a roller coaster. I can't read PEOPLE magazine without bursting into not tears..but SOBS. One time my husband had to console me by reassuring me that not ALL Hollywood couples are breaking up. "Look at this couple...and THAT couple. if they can make it work, anyone can!"

Some belly shots: 13 weeks

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Reading, Eating and Sleeping

I'm reading:

When morning sickness hits and I can't decide....I'm eating:

I'm sleeping.......a lot

How long you ask? I'm 10 weeks!!