Sunday, October 01, 2006

A little bit of everything

Sorry folks, we've been a little too busy to post and now we have a plethora of pictures. So I've decided to do a bit of a smorgasboard of pictures.

This is Hatzec Lake in Mission, BC. My fellow PYP classmates and I went on a retreat at the beginning of this month and we had a blast (not to mention the beautiful scenery)

Then, my cousin, Callie, got married. It was a beautiful, fall-themed wedding and we got to see our cousin's baby for the first time and we got to play catch up with a lot of relatives.

Next, we went to the island to visit my sister and brother in law and their baby (our niece), Zoe.

Lastly, Sarah and Zoe had a little visit with us this past weekend, and they stayed with us. This is a picture of our little niece (Zoe) and a picture of Zoe and her mom.

PS-could someone tell me how you work that feature that allows you to have a whole bunch of tiny pictures into one big picture???


keegan said...

I think that comes with the program called "picassa" )spelling I am unsure of) you can download from the internet. Hope to check out your dodgeball game prob on oct 17th. See you soon!!

Nathan+Lydia said...

Was your retreat at a place called Camp Luther?