Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dodgeball isn't just for kids anymore....

Dodgeball: the name of a traditional American game involving players trying to avoid being hit by a ball that players on the other team are throwing at them.

Bait-ball: One team member lobs a ball up in the air to distract the other team, while a second team member throws a ball at normal speed in hopes of getting someone out.

Suicide throw: In some rulesets, individuals can cross the center line while jumping. They are only out when their feet hit the floor. Suiciders take advantage of this by attempting to jump across the center line and throw the ball before their feet hit the ground.

Mexican Flying Coffin Filler: Involves a blocker springing a thrower up off of his/her back to gain forward momentum on an aerial throw

Fake Doctor: This tactic can be used in Dr. Dodgeball. First, a selected teammate pretends to be 'out'. Of course, they really are not. Second, another teammate pretends to be the doctor and touches the teammate, bringing them back 'in'. The opposing team then thinks that the second person is the doctor, even though he is not. The entire team then aims for the second person, thusly sparing the real doctor.

The team:
Chuck it like it's hot.

Every tuesday night we're chucking it and we're hot,

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