Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Camping with the Lipsetts

The adventure began as we departed for our destination: Garibaldi Lake. On our travels we discovered a few things:
1. Bears like to chill and eat where there are people around. is it just me or are bears becoming more and more domesticated?

2. People in Whistler have apparently never hear of Garibaldi Lake and the only campsite near by is a patch of dirt off the highway they "call" a campsite.

3. You have to hike into Garibaldi lake for 7 km and there's snow there. We didn't camp there.

4. Alice Lake is wonderful. You can drive there. There is running water. Hot water. Firewood. Campsite police. Wonderful lake-side trails.

5. It's illegal to gather your own wood from the forest and chop it into bits.

6. The campsite "police" frequented our site in fear we would take over their forest and burn it down.

7. We love drama improv games.

Here are some pictures

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