Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our life lately

We had a fun and scandalous night with Erika on the night of her stagette party. We played truth or dare, wandered the streets of Granville and Robson, danced all night, ordered pizza at 2 was fun! We even dressed Erika up into the "perfect" bride.

We've been to the island twice in the last few months top visit Sarah, John, Levi and Zoe. We are such a good auntie and uncle to these tots!!! On both trips we experienced the slow pace that life offers when you take 2 kids under the age of 3 for a walk. Zoe was ONLY interested in picking flowers.

Healthy eating lately with lot's of colours on our plate. I've been experimenting with new recipes and eating vegetables I haven't eaten too much before like squash, turnips, sweet potatoes ect. Notice the pickle? This is a staple in our house right now!

Halloween came and is now gone. the only person that dressed up here was TK. He's dressed up like a cowboy...."wrong" type of hat for the occasion.

Here's some belly shots from 16 or 17 weeks (can't remember)

Belly shots from 20 weeks


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