Sunday, November 13, 2005

The heart of Seoul is in the homes

Last tuesday night we had the pleasure of being invited to eat a traditional Korean meal in a Korean house. The venue was Flora's place-she is one of Lydia's adult students. We ate delecioius bulgolgi, kim chi, margaritas, korean pancakes and cake. We were also constantly entertained by the many many children in the house (there were at least 10 kids in the apartment at one point). A highlight was watching Sarah's (Lydia's ESL student who is also Flora's daughtor) sister doing many rigerous monologues of "Beauty and the Beast".

This past Saturday the art show put on by Jamie, Lydia, Nathan and myself was a big sucess. The event, held in our apartment, show cased the talents of blooming photographers, creative film makers, fantastic painters, and ingenious song writers

Here are some common bottles, mostly Soju (the Korean drink of choice) taken by Jamie.

Trees at Soreksan National Park in the East Coast--looks like they're trying to say something............(I think Jennica took this one)

There were 25 people who attended the art show.

Esther, Gina, June and Lydia.

June's title for her very special piece was "Cute Couples from Canada".

And there was plenty of food and wine to go around.............

Our friend and neighbor Dave (ask him to show you his new jacket!!!!!!!!!)

Can you believe it has been 6 months?!!! We love any reason to celebrate. For our anniversary we went to a nice Italian place and we explored the beautiful Chun-gae-chung stream in downtown Seoul.

Me, Jamie and some friends in Heywah at a Bulgolgi restaurant. Mmmmmm, meat is good.

Next we unexpectedly ran into Rachel and Brandon on the street and went with them to a palce nearby. This time of year is the best time to explore the outdoors because the leaves are beautiful and changing (also falling spontaneously).


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