Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Whistler of Korea

These past 4 days have been heaven for 4 English teachers in South Korea. Because our school closed for the end of the term we had an extra 2 days added onto our weekend. So the Skulsteds and the Graham took this window of oppurtunity and went for it!

First off, although the bus ride to Sockcho was relatively cheap, it was pretty long--just about 6 hours on the ticker. But we had snacks, books, and most importantly, "People Magazines" IN ENGLISH!!!!! I don't who said they were trashy magazines but by the nend of the trip all 4 of us were engrossed in the articles and pictures, catching up on Brad Pitt, jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie updates.

Our first stop was Sokcho, the city on the beach, but we were somewhere closer to city than the sea once our bus unloaded. After searching for decent restarants that didn't just sell weird fish items, we realized that Jamie left his wallet on the bus. Normally this would be a fairly stressful situation. But imagine now that not one person in the bus termimal speaks English, (other than the Grahams and the Skulsteds). Through our phone interpreter, bilingual friend, June, we sorted everything and we got the wallet (and the money) back.

Next we tried to find a good motel that wouldn't set us back too much. The man in the first motel we entered promtly asked us how many hours we wanted the room for. I think he had the wrong idea. After another hour of searching, we found a motel that charged us for the night, and not per hour.

After a game of hearts and a good night sleep, we woke up and headed for the beach. We ate, we read, we played beach soccer and we dabbled in the cool waves. We then decided to head for the mountains next.

Picture by the Skulstads

There is is nothing that quite compares to driving through the country when you live in one of the busiest cities in the world. The vibrant colors of red, yellow and most importantly, orange, were a familiar scene, but we never took those moments for granted.

Seoroksan is the "Whistler" of Korea. This time of year at the mountains were particularly breathtaking because of the beautiful klaidescope of colors. The crowds had disapated once we arrived and the mountain belonged to us for the next two days. We had fun treking, riding the cable car, paying almost 7 dollars for canned peaches and ice cream, playing hearts and breathing in the clean and fresh mountain air. Oh, and eating kraft dinner with tuna and corn was sweet.

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Jonathan said...

Speaking of Brad and Angelina, they are in Alberta and Manitoba filming. I wonder if Blair has seen them?