Sunday, February 12, 2006

A birthday to remember

This February 12th, thanks to my wife's phenomenal planning and thoughtfulness, I enjoyed the best planned and attended birthday in years.

Bowling alleys are rare in this city, and Jennica did a fantastic job of calling random phone numbers until she got a lead on this one, only a few subway stops away from our home. However, there was, as usual, much confusion involved in trying to work out a normally simple task.

Me: We want three lanes.
Korean woman behind counter: blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah blah blah pabo blah blah blah...
Me: Three (pointing at lanes with one hand and holding up three fingers on the other) LANES please
Korean woman: BLAH blah blah PABO PABO PABO...

Don't worry, it worked out. And since we had 18 people spread over three lanes, we just had a good time throwing balls and not worrying about the score. Note the innovative techniques employed by my expert bowling friends.

Our good friends Hilary and Adrian who are the newbies here in Seoul.

Such close friends we have....

Nice strike birthday boy!

On the way to the restaurant we created a stir by filling a subway car with loud English talking.

Then we moved on to eating. The restaurant is called Sweet Tree. Can you see all 21 of us? In a nice restaurant like this the average entree is about $10-$12, a bit cheaper than back home.

Sunny's daughtor Youkno, isn't she the cutest?

For the after party we had Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. We also cracked open some of the beer Rob brought, but only got through 2 of the 6 liters.

The crew here is so fantastic, it's always a good time just being with them, shooting the breeze and watching funny internet videos.


Andrea said...

twas fun. good pics!

robtegelberg said...

da party was a slice... it was a slice. thats all there is to say about it. love you hunny buns.

hil n' adge said...

yer blg bit poopy slice. berday fun and sexy jamie make good hamburger. T'was indeed a nifty time and happy 24 James ol' chap; happy 24. :)