Sunday, February 26, 2006

Korean kids are cute when they want to be..

Last friday I took several of my classes to the park because it was the last day of our term. Sone of these kids I have really grown to love and realizing that I won't be their teacher next term is a little sad...especially because they're so cute.

This is Dan. he loves his baseball. He used to have straight hair, then he got a perm. i think he's a really cute kid. Really distracted, but cute.

Here's John and Dan, typical daily pose (Dan hiding and John smiling).

Here's Sean with his favorite toy, his cell phone.

Here's my boys making a "kim chi dinner" out of rocks and garbage at the playground.


robtegelberg said...

dude i wanna come back. i crave kimchi and i didnt even like it that much when i was there. what the garbage... anyway see you at the end of the summer.

Annie said...

I loved the little guy with the ears - look out Jim Carey!