Monday, March 27, 2006

Lotte World is DIE!!!!

So here's the scoop: Sunday the crew was pretty pumped to catch the "free" ride at Lotte World. After someone died on the Atlantis ride recently, Lotte World decided to open it's gates to everyone for FREE from March 26-31 to prove that they are indeed a safe park for everyone. Anyways, forward to Sunday, it's 2 pm and we've pushed our way through the agimas, teenagers and babies. Our moment of truth is here....and there's a wall of police surrounding all the enterances to Magic island.

Just yesterday I found out that after opening it's doors at 9:30 am on Sunday morning, the crowds pushed through and 35 people are seriously injured and in the hospital. Now the park is facing criminal charged for safety issues that day.

just think folks, this could have been us. And we're too beautiful and full of potential.


Here's a link to the actual story. Just copy and paste it into your browser:


Andrea said...

Yet Korean still continue to push ruthlessly when in crowds.

Will they ever learn?

Other parts of Asia...don't push. It's simple really.

Anonymous said...

Just a sidenote: die toten hosen means "dead trousers" in German.

Peter said...

Well the dead trousers clears up everything. Glad to hear that your beautiful selves were not damage. We wouldn't want damaged goods back here in Canada.

robtegelberg said...

hillarious. i went on atlantis and i didnt die. ps that die picture is a tk picture if ive ever seen one