Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jake's visit to Seoul

Who doesn't love this city?

This past week Jamie and I have been busy being tour guides for my cousin, Jake, from Tacoma. It was a really fun week. We went to Lotte World on Sunday, Namsan/Meung-dong on Monday, Insadong and norebong (singing room) on Tuesday, Building 63 on Friday (even though we discovered the observation deck is closed until July), and Dondaemun/Chong-dok palace/Jogno tower/Chungechun stream on Saturday. The only reason for our sabatacle on Wednesday and Thursday was because Jake went to Gyenju for a couple days to see a tea plantation and to see a national park. Jake was a bit of a celebrity at our school on Friday when he came to observe some of our classes.

Here we are on Top Cloud restaurant (top floor of Jogno Tower), enjoying our delicious meal accompanied by a live jazz trio.

A beautiful pegotta in Jogno.

Along the Chungechung stream.

Jennica rules and Jake drools.

Christine, Jennica and Esther in the "Secret Garden"

Wow, building 63 is quite something....

Jake suggested we take this picture as an April Fool's joke. he told everyone that Christine is his new fiance. As if!!

In the cable car on our way to Namsan Tower.

Jake and Jamie got along famously.

Jake and Jennica in Myeng-dong


keegan said...

looks like so much fun!! I am so jealous of Jake!!

Andrea said...

Jennica you are looking more and more Korean as time passes by...awesome!

Thank's again for being so rad and helping me with my ticket junk.


ps Bali says hi too...hehe