Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Always an adventure

Today Jamie and I decided to go to Children's Grand Park. This was our first time visiting CGP and frankly we had a pretty vaque idea of what to expect.

What we experienced today was so much more than we could have even imagined. First of all, it's the prefect time of year to be outside because the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the air just radiates of spring. When we stepped outside the subway and into CGP, there were trees, flowers and blossoms EVERYWHERE. There were ponds, fountains, live entertainment and beautiful botanical gardens. The park also had a very Asian theme with al the Pegotas and such.

There were also many, many animals. actually it was kind of a zoo. There were kangaroos, black bears, polar bears, seals, birds and plenty of other anilmals I didn't know existed.

The BEST part of the park was the amusment park. Jamie and I saw this amazing roller coaster (like California Adventureland amazing) and we jumped on the oppurtunity as soon as we saw there were NO lines.The ride only costed us 3.50 each. The carnie didn't even check our seat belts and we weren't exacly sure how SAFE the ride was, but hey, we were committed at that point. As soon as gravity hit we were spiralling upside down, sideways and going every direction you could imagine. I had these same freaking psychotic feelings when i rode the coaster at California adventureland.

And then we went to work.

Here's the roller coaster of DEATH.


Ashley said...

Of death?! Do people die on it? That would be cool and fun. you know Laura Martens? I was telling her about people I know who are in Korea...she's coming in the summer. She's teaching at my school.

Jennica...are you going to SFU or TWU? Let me know either way...I will try and make your life so much easier next year :)

Anonymous said...

Is this the Laura who's married to Dan? And are they teaching in Korea? We have a job for them if they want...

keegan said...

Hey Jen- the park looks sooo nice- the blossoms in abby have come and gone...rain is here just in time for finals though.....I will try and skype you around 330 pm my time today (thursday). Bye!

robtegelberg said...

please tell me that those are remotecontroled stuffed animals that you can ride on cuz that would be wicked cool.
miss you guys a tonne. dont think im coming back to korea now cuz i cant get a flight from india, anyway ill email you soon.