Saturday, April 08, 2006

Goodbye and hello parties

One of our coolest Korean friends, Tim, is moving to Australia. So, we spent one of his last nights in Jongno. We had a blast being entertained by Tim's Korean friends, eating strange bbq-ed meats and seafood dishes, drinking a lot of beverages. I even made a new friend, Jinju.

Later this week our church had a get-together at Swiss Chalet, which shouldn't be confused with the North American chain restaurant. This was a German restaurant with live entertainment. Just picture this: 3 Koreans yodelling, playing guitar and bells and other various German instruments.

Here's Jamie with Molly. She's one of the most hip older persons I've ever met.

Enter the yodellers...

Here's Hilary doing an impromtu spoon/percussion performance

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