Monday, April 03, 2006

Singing in the Rain

Here's an awesome movie we made with Jake. just copy and paste it into your browser and give it a few minutes to load:


Peter said...

That was a pretty sweet video. You guys should start up your own filming company.

Jennica said...

Thanks Peter!!! it was my first imovie .How are things in L-town? I love this time of year!! Let's chat on sykpe sometime soon.

keegan said...

hey Jen: what is the link you used for putting your imovie on the internet? I have like 20 movies I want to either burn but would rather put them on the web like yours. REally nice though- I met a bunch of people who thought I was you....ha it's been awhile- But I am going to the abbotsford vinyard and went to a young adults potluck and at least 3 people gave me the "you look familiar look.......thinking i was you!