Monday, April 02, 2007

Birthday parties and April showers


We played some games and shared some stories (most ackward moment--sex advice my the ma-in-law)

NEXT....we were off to the airport to meet mom and Ellie. We went into Stevston, searching for Fish and Chips...but it took us a looooong time to find a place that was open.

My new hair colour....needed a change.

Can you believe spring is here already?? I was having second thoughts about spring on Monday after we recieved a whole DUMP of snow!!!! But spring is still here.....sigh..

Will's birthday bash: we intended to go laser tagging but alas, it was sold out, so we went to Red Robin instead, then bowling, then cake.

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Courtney and Jon said...

great photos, looks like you're having fun. I'm sure you are glad your immersion is over. When is your whole program finished? cause I remember you telling us when you were here that it's not a whole year.

hope you are well