Thursday, May 03, 2007

Out of hibernation

The sunset after my education grad ceremony.

Jamie and I had the chance to visit my parents in Penticton. They treated us to dinner at my all-time favorite greek restaurant, Theoz.

Nothing like a little hiking and a dance party after cards.

Graduation Extravaganza 2007 begins.......

First we had the education tea and ceremony...very special.

Even Keegan made it out to the festivities.

Saturday morning....graduation part 2 extravaganza

Michelle and I...the hottest TWU grads.

Jeff, one of the two token males of our program.

And to finish the weekend off with a fun wedding shower for Mirjam

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Amanda Regier said...

hmmm, not really anywhere cheap to buy in Vancouver (I'd wait a little while -- my economist husband insists the bubble will burst soon!) bu there are loads of great places to rent.

We are in a 760sq.ft. apartment near VGH, paying $1000/mo. The cheapest you'd be likely to find around here is $850. In a similar price range is the Main st/Cambie St areas (like from 1 Ave to about King Edward) and we LOVE that area.

The further east you go, the cheaper it is. East Van has some pretty cool areas.