Friday, August 05, 2005

The City that never sleeps

One thing I've noticed about Seoul is that everything gets going at around 9 pm. On the streets of Seoul (at night) you will see several street venders and markets as well as many children on the streets (you would thnk that 10 pm is past a 1 year old's bed time....)

It was so hot on this night that the lens actually fogged up.

Jennica at the Mac store in Osaka. Jamie and I spend all of our train money on a dvx part for our ibook.

This picture is one of the numerous bars in the Nowan area. The other night Jamie and I discovered two outdoor bars with big screen TV's set up--Lydia and nathan, we'll have to definately hit up one of those place.


Jonathan said...

keep posting! these are rocking

keegan said...

where's waldo?