Friday, August 05, 2005

The food in Korea

The food in Korea is REALLY GOOD. They have a lot of soups in Korea, but I've been trying some good stir fry like dishes. My favorite dish so far is called "Bip-in-bop un-gook-kah" Basically it's a rice, meat, veggies, egg and some other good stuff served in a hot stone pot. Today Jennica and I decided to try eating in a
restaurant on our own for the first time. We knew what we wanted: I wanted adumpling soup called "dak Mandu Cu" and Jennica wanted a dish called "Bip enBop" (not the corect spellings of course). The Korean restaurant ownerclearly did not understand our mispronunciations. After several minutes of her talking fast in Korean and us shrugging our shoulders she went into the back an emerged, 10 minutes later, with some food. We got some scrambled egg (which was the "bip" part of the bip en bop) and we got some soup (which was the "dak" part of dak mandu cu). It turned out to be great and didn't cost very much. It was like a surprise bag of food. Needless to say, tonight when we were walking with one of the American teachers from our school we asked him which restaurants had pictures of the food on the menu. Jamie and usually go out for lunch everyday and it costs us about 1-3 dollars per person (not too bad considering lunch is our main meal of the day and we eat a lot of food).

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i want to eat kimchi!!!