Friday, January 27, 2006

I would like to put it on the record that Rob Tegellberg is one of the best things to happen to planet earth since the invention of democracy.

Rob didn't hesitate to accept my invitation to get up early on his day off and go to Yongsan electronics market. Furthermore, even though he woke up that morning with serious ailments in his digestive system from eating too many oranges, he still trooped on down to the subway. And, because he is not just a good guy but a great guy, he stopped at Dunkin donuts to get a breakfast treat for us, even remembering that I like my coffee black.

Rob, you're a fantastically thoughtful, generous, accepting, and friendly person, and I think you bring a lot of Jesus into the world.

Therefore, a toast (of his favorite drink, malibu and coke) to Rob! Here here!


Andrea said...

Are you kissing his ass cause you want something? Or just cause you're trying to come off as a nice guy as a disguise for your true self?? ;)

Andrea said...
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Daniel D. said...

Here Here!

robtegelberg said...

freaken hillarious.
love you too honey-buns.
i finally got back to work and had a chance to read the imfamous ode to rob blog and let me tell you, I appreciate you too bro. PS sorry bout having to head home before yongsan, at least it wasnt another kidney stone!!!

Andrea said...

I'm gonna cry with all of this comradarie...wait, no I'm not.

This has to stop.