Monday, January 16, 2006

Thank you Kim---Sank-you Kim

Recently Jamie and I were invited over for lunch at our apartment security gaurd's home. His wife and and the grandmother cooked an amazing meal of bulgolgi, rice, kim bop, soup, salad and and traditional tea. By the way, our security gaurd's name is Sank-you Kim and he has a wife, a daughtor and a son. They also live with their grandmother.

We also learned a lot about Sank-you Kim during our time together. He used to be a banker and their 7-year old house was built and funded by their family. It's a beautiful 4 story brick building. Jeun, Sank-you Kim's son is Jamie's age (23) and he was such a neat guy. He's studying electrical engineering at college right now (smart too).

In other news, Hilary and Adrian are here!!!! I have known Hilary since kindergarten and my twin sister and I have shared in her friendship since that first day of kindergarten. She was also a bridesmaide at my wedding. Adrian came into the picture later and I met him after they started dating. Anyways, they get along great with all our friends. I can't believe I don't have any pictures of them yet. It is truly a blessing having them here. I don't think we'll ever have this oppurtunity to be living so close to one another--this is once in a life time!!!

Speaking of once in a lifetime, i truly appreciate all of the friends I have here in Seoul. It's really sad that a handful of them will be leaving us in Febuary, but the good news is, everyone I know so far is from the Lower Mainland, so we'll all reunite in Canada!! I love the fact that as foreigners, when we're together, no one gets excluded and their are not cliques like there are at home. Everyone is accepting because we have a major commonality-we're westerners living in a foregn country.

In other news, I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE TWU PDP PROGRAM!!!!!! In laymens terms (I'm goingto be a teacher). Still waiting to hear from SFU and trying to keep on top of all the details online, but there's only so much you can do in a foreign country.


keegan said...

Nice beard James! Glad to read the latest post about your lifes- Jen you dentist called and you are due for a cleaning (maybe you could have a new experience going to a Korean dentist!) Love you !!!

Ashley said...

yah! congrats on getting in! do you think you'll go here or to sfu? either way...feel free to go through my stuff next year!

mypiggies said...

oh what a wonderful life you are living and congrats on your future teaching position. i am a retired teacher and can assure you it is a wonderfully fulfilling occupation.

Peter said...

Congrats on being accepted. Lunch at the security guards house hey....hhmmmmm. Interesting!