Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A taste of the arts.....

Friday night Jamie, Hils, Adrian and i hot up a no-wee-bong (singing room). Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures, mostly videos (we'll try to host them sometime....maybe)

The place was called Princess Nooweebong and here are our friends in the waiting area (which looked like a dining room with chandelers)

This past saturday Jamie and I had a full day in Itaewan (downtown Seoul). The first thing we did was head to the Rocky Mountain Tavern (the Canadian bar) for Western-style brunch. They call it the "Big trucker breakfast". You may think that eating in a bar on a Sturday morning sounds sketchy, but the food is REALLY really good. We met up with our friends Rob and Sarah-Jane and Reuben. From there we went to the War Memorial park and played with the planes and guns.

From there Jamie and I met up with some more friends and headed to an Art Gallary sponsored by Samseung. Each of us got our very own PDA for translation and narration purposes. As much as I loved the art pieces in the gallary, my favorite part of the show was the immaculate, spiral staircase.

Our infamous married friends Hilary and Adrian (new teachers from Canada). I've known Hils since kindergarten and she was my bridesmaid in May.

Here's Nathan and Lydia (aka: the "Skulls") having a moment.

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