Monday, July 17, 2006

Chillin' with friends

I think Lydia was telling us something en Francaise.

This weekend we had NOT one, but TWO impromtu sleepovers with Erin. The first one was at her place in Bundang and the second one was at our place. We had lot's of good chats about life, travelling, and most importantly, our new IPODS!!!

Good times on line 4.


C J said...

Cool pics!
When do you come home again?
Take it easy and enjoy your last days there (if that's how much time you have left :o)

C J said...

oh wow! So 10 more day eh?! That's exciting. Congrats on getting into PDP, you will do great. What module are you in? Do you know yet? Just curious cause I know some friends that are in as well. When you are starting, I will be doing the most intense part :o), but that means that I will only have 3 months left YIPEE! 2 more weeks of classes and then I get 4-5 weeks off YIPEE again haha.
Take care and safe travels to you and Jamie.

C J said...

Hey Jennica,
Thanks for the comment. Yah I do still talk to Kristy. She is my screenings partner. I still work at the theatre and on Thursdays we get to go see movies that are coming out on friday but they start at 11 or 11:30 and so she and I go. She is the only one that stays up late. We haven't gone for awhile but...that is what we like to do. I know that she got a job for 6 months in Uganda so she will be leaving in September for that. I hope to go and see her when I go back to Kenya in December.
Well, take it easy.

Andrea said...


I'm in banff working my random fun job, but I had a reflective moment today while sitting near some mountains and listening to MC Mong. I actually MISS Korea!