Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm starting to get all reflective....

Well, if you don't know it already.....Jamie and are officially coming home to Canada in 16 days. Can't believe how fast the past few months and this past year has whizzed by. I seem to have too many memories i don't know where to put them all. So i decided that I'm going to start an extended journal, reflecting on our memories this year. Lessons learned, random things (there are too many to count in this country), funny stories, sad stories, stories of every kind.

Don't worry, i won't get too reflective on this blog post, other than the fact that I'm telling you that I'm starting to feel reflective...... And we're really excided to see everybody back home, although it is sad leaving this wonderland that we call the "chill" life here in Seoul.


C J said...

Good ol' reflecting. That's what teachers do best :o). I hope that these last couple of weeks are really amazing for you and help you tie up all of your time there.
Enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

hey Jennica,
i'm looking forward to seeing you really soon. it must feel so surreal for you guys. see you at TWU in a few weeks!