Monday, July 03, 2006

The Grahams invade Korea

Last Saturday, June 24, Dad, Ian, and Ellen arrived in Seoul. We've been tourists in our own vity for the past week and a half.

Here's us in Hyewah, just chilling with some vintage poo.


Here's us on the chung-gae-chung stream in downtown Seoul after church on Sunday.

Eating some cereal with Ellen "Elbow" Graham.

One of our daily subway runs.

And the singing room was a big hits with the Grahams AND the Skulstads.

Pop-in-Su was also a big hit with everyone

Cheap galbi in Hyewah


Andrea said...

Yay family!

keegan said...

wow ellen sure looks a lot older than last time I saw her:) so I hear she still has tons of energy though!!

Jon & Carmen said...

Hey Jennica,
I just read your comment on our blog! So I'm curious...who did you find out about our blog from? I'm glad you did, but curious...we just started it and I think only like 3 people know we have one! Anywho...sounds like you're having a great time in Asia!
~Carmen Jarvie