Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goodbye churchee

There's Jennica holding another baby, so what else is new?

Here's some of the great friends we've made at our little Anglican church over the past year. Molly, Geoff, and Ian are all from New Zealand.


C J said...

Is the "Jennica holding a baby-what else is new?" a sign? teehee. Just curious. I know that I have that question fired at me quite often so it's kinda fun to fire it to others every so often. Just wondering.

Dorothy said...

Hello from Australia. This is Dorothy. Loved the pics of Ian at church with you - haven't seen any of you for a while. All the very best for the next chapter in your lives. Will be thinking of you..
Bye for now
PS We come from the province of New Zealand to the left - Oz.

Owen & Bonnie said...

Hey Jennica,

Just wanted to confirm that you are having lunch with Emily and I at ESLI on Monday...let me know if that is still OK with you.

See you soon.