Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goodbye churchee

There's Jennica holding another baby, so what else is new?

Here's some of the great friends we've made at our little Anglican church over the past year. Molly, Geoff, and Ian are all from New Zealand.

Some of our favortite places....

So it was our last weekend in Seoul and we decided to hit up some of our favorite spots and restaurants. We spend both days in downtown Seoul, around City Hall.

The Cheygyeochun stream is pretty much our favorite spot in Seoul, either day or night. So after eating supper, we decided to explore the stream at night.

This is one of our great Korean friends, June. She's been here for us since last July and she's a sweetie.

Is this an ad for American Eagle or what?

The water shot up and we lost Adrian from then on....

Cheygyeochun by day...

Here's the people we work with everyday.

I think there may have been something "special" in their food at Marche. But you can never tell with these kids.....

This a new spot we discovered in the artsy part of Seoul.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quick note - please visit

As I'm sure you know, big internet providers are attempting to make websites load as slow as if they were on dial-up, unless websites pay up.

Sign the petition if you want.

Save the Internet: Click here

Monday, July 17, 2006

Chillin' with friends

I think Lydia was telling us something en Francaise.

This weekend we had NOT one, but TWO impromtu sleepovers with Erin. The first one was at her place in Bundang and the second one was at our place. We had lot's of good chats about life, travelling, and most importantly, our new IPODS!!!

Good times on line 4.

Last weeks...

Last Sunday, at church, we took a few snapshots of my favorite little guy, Oscar. Isn't he cute?

On the last night the Grahams were here, Jamie, Ellen and I decided to venture into the pouring rain for a game of soccer/mud puddle jumping.

This is me and my new toy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm starting to get all reflective....

Well, if you don't know it already.....Jamie and are officially coming home to Canada in 16 days. Can't believe how fast the past few months and this past year has whizzed by. I seem to have too many memories i don't know where to put them all. So i decided that I'm going to start an extended journal, reflecting on our memories this year. Lessons learned, random things (there are too many to count in this country), funny stories, sad stories, stories of every kind.

Don't worry, i won't get too reflective on this blog post, other than the fact that I'm telling you that I'm starting to feel reflective...... And we're really excided to see everybody back home, although it is sad leaving this wonderland that we call the "chill" life here in Seoul.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Grahams invade Korea

Last Saturday, June 24, Dad, Ian, and Ellen arrived in Seoul. We've been tourists in our own vity for the past week and a half.

Here's us in Hyewah, just chilling with some vintage poo.


Here's us on the chung-gae-chung stream in downtown Seoul after church on Sunday.

Eating some cereal with Ellen "Elbow" Graham.

One of our daily subway runs.

And the singing room was a big hits with the Grahams AND the Skulstads.

Pop-in-Su was also a big hit with everyone

Cheap galbi in Hyewah


Gyeungju (not too sure how it's spelled in English), is an amazing, old place. It's the old capital of Korea and the places and things we saw were REALLY old (from the 200's)

We saw similar wooden creatures on our trip to Japan. Actually it's amazing how some of the sights in Gyeungju were almost identical to that of Kyoto.

Bus ride: 4 hours each way.

This place is RIGHT in the mountains, we were actually surrounded by clouds.